How to keep patio furniture vibrant

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Finally, you were able to splurge for your favorite outdoor furniture. It looks better than you dreamed and it’s just as comfortable as you imagined. Now, you need to know how to keep it from fading and falling apart in just a few short years.

Despite being stationary, furniture isn’t set it and forget it, especially the outdoor variety. If you don’t do anything to keep the chairs and couches looking grand, they will begin to lose their appeal.

Outdoor furniture is usually made of hardy fabric, canvas, wicker, teak, and metal. Each of these materials requires a different approach for cleaning and storing.


Most outdoor fabric is made durable. Mix a solution of soapy water in a spray bottle, and coat the fabric. Then, use a soft sponge to dab out dirt and recent stains. Use a garden hose to spray off all the soap, and then let the cushions dry.

If you do drop a drink or food onto the fabric, it is best to clean the mess as soon as possible for the best results.

When you are not outside using the furniture regularly, store it in a dry location. If the material isn’t exposed to a harsh climate, it is likely to last a little longer.

There are dozens of products on the market ready to protect your furniture from life’s messes. Products like Du Pont Teflon, Scotchgard, Guardian, Vickers Polycryl and Upholstery Shield reduce stains by making the fabric less absorbent.

These treatments are much like waxing a car, because it gives your furniture protection and shine, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still regularly wash it. It just means it has a chance to look better for longer.


Canvas fabric is common on outdoor furniture because it is versatile.However, some colors will easily show dirt, and if left for too long in moist climates the furniture will mildew.

The best thing about canvas is you can usually remove it from the furniture and put in the washer. It is best to use mild detergent and cold water on the gentle cycle. You should hang the fabric to dry.

If you can’t remove it, spray on dish soap diluted with warm water and wash away the soap with a garden hose. For tougher stains, use a brush to gently scrub it away.

Just like other outdoor fabrics, a protector will help you keep the furniture vibrant.


If you find mold or mildew on your wicker furniture, use one cup of white vinegar with ¼ cup of liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water.

An old toothbrush will also help you get into the nooks and crannies of the furniture to remove any dirt buildup.

If you have extremely dirty wicker furniture, use a hand steam cleaner and dry it thoroughly. Try to do this type of cleaning on sunny or windy days to make sure the materials are not damp for too long.


A popular type of outdoor furniture is teak because it is stylish and adds value to your patio. The fine wood of teak furniture needs delicate care.

Wood finishes will fade over time, but you can protect the color with proper sealants. Oil, varnish and water sealers are not recommended for teak furniture since the natural oils in the wood keep out water. Instead, teak furniture requires specific protectants and sealers.

The best thing about Teak furniture is you can renovate the wood into an entirely different style if you change your patio decor.


The most sturdy of all outdoor furniture is the metal variety. Your metal furniture is probably equipped to handle the harsh elements of summer and winter, but still, it is better to determine where you can store the furniture when it is not in use.

Despite its toughness, try to not use abrasive cleaners that can remove the special coatings designed to prevent rust.

Your biggest battle will be keeping rust from forming. Use a Scotch-Brite pad to remove any rust spots and invest in touch up pens to cover up any scratches and chips.

For all types of furniture, appropriate storage and regular cleanings with mild soap will help your furniture go the extra mile. Everything will eventually wear out, no matter how much time and attention you provide, and when it does, new furniture is on your to do list.

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