15 ideas to create a stunning outdoor swimming area

Outdoor swimming area, Norman Swimming pools

A sparkling pool is a relaxing oasis in your backyard, but is it possible to make it even better? We believe it has the potential to be your favorite place in the world.

You might not have the flexibility to take extended vacations every year, but with the right home environment, rejuvenation is just a few steps away.

1. Create more privacy

With the right amount of privacy, a backyard can be your personal escape into relaxation. You might hear the neighbors talking or a dog barking, but for the most part it is just you and your guests.

A couple options are bushes or a wooden fence.

The problem with bushes are they require maintenance all summer, and they may not be as effective in cold months when the leaves die. You might also have to wait for them to grow to the right height.

In contrast, a wooden fence can create a barrier, and it only needs occasional paint and repairs.

2. Install a water feature

Close your eyes while you float around the pool and listen to the steady flow of a nearby waterfall.

Water features can add a unique touch to your outdoor swimming area. It is also a practical way to ensure the water is circulated enough for the filter and chemicals to work effectively.

3. Design an outdoor kitchen

Are you tired of running in and out of the house to serve guests at your pool parties? A great way to improve your outdoor swimming area is to build a kitchen area to cook delicious meals for guests.

4. Build a pool bar

Do you have an inground pool? There is no reason you can’t bring a resort style pool bar right to your backyard. This feature would make your backyard feel more like a Jamaican paradise and less like suburbia.  

5. S'mores anyone?

A backyard fire pit is a feature you can utilize all year long. Have friends and family over to cook hot dogs and roast S’mores over an open flame, or cozy up when it is cold with your significant other and a hot cup of cocoa.

6. Install floating speakers

You can’t have a party without music. If you don’t have floating speakers, it might be hard to have a conversation outside the pool near the speakers, and it is hard to hear the music in the pool away from speakers.

Speakers in the water give you greater control over volume levels.

7. Easy to access cold drinks

No, don’t get out or go in, your drinks are icy cold and within an arm's reach away. This is a great option if you have an above ground pool or building a pool bar is simply not realistic. A floating ice chest can make all the difference keeping your guests comfortable and hydrated.

Some pool furniture also has built-in drink storage to keep your favorite beverages nearby.

8. Hammock

Do you have two trees close enough for a hammock? You won’t regret spending a cool evening swaying gently in the wind while you read your favorite book or simply close your eyes and doze.

Don’t sweat if you don’t have any trees. A hammock stand allows you to enjoy your hammock in the perfect place in your backyard.

9. Potted Plants

Bring some life and color to your outdoor swimming area with potted plants. Put the pots on easy to move rollers so you can bring them in during cooler months. This allows you to get large plants without worrying about replacing them every spring.

10. Lay down some rugs

Outdoor rugs allow your guests to keep their shoes off without burning the bottom of their feet during the summer heat. They are also durable and come in fun colors and a variety of sizes. Pick a theme or a color and buy rugs to compliment your style.

11. Put up a large umbrella

Every backyard needs a place to escape from the hot sun. A large umbrella you can install over a picnic table or some chairs will provide some much needed shade on toasty afternoons.

12. Gazebo

Similar to an umbrella, a Gazebo offers a bit of reprieve from the sun. It is also a good place to sit and eat. It adds more options to your backyard space, so you can enjoy the outdoors either in your pool or near it.

13. tone landscaping

Do you hate mowing? A great alternative is to use natural stones to create pathways and sitting areas throughout your backyard. Less grass means less time on the mower. If you install the stone with the right foundation, you won’t struggle with weeds trying to take over space.

14. Bird Feeders

Create a relaxing environment with bird songs. Use feeders to attract wildlife to your backyard to watch and appreciate. Be careful and choose the right location for these feeders to keep birds from landing in your pool

15. Install new lighting

Lights in your pool, landscape and around a deck make all the difference. Use soft lighting so you can see in the evening without having excessive brightness. Most importantly floating lights in the pool make it fun to swim at night.

You can also rest assured that your guests can see around your property when it is dark out and prevent falls and injuries. LED lights give you customization capabilities so you can change the colors or make them brighter or dimmer depending on the event.

If you’re ready to make any or all of these updates to your backyard, give us a call or stop by the store and we’d be happy to discuss how to create your backyard paradise!