The 8 Often Overlooked Benefits of Pools

The 8 Often Overlooked Benefits of Pools.jpg

Crowded (and often dirty) community pools aren’t ideal. This is one of many reasons increasingly more homeowners are installing pools and spas in their backyard. If you’ve been considering a pool or recently purchased one, here are eight often overlooked benefits that may not have occurred to you.


1. Helps those with disabilities. 

As one of the most popular sports activities in the United States, swimming is a great opportunity to clock in some aerobic activities. Those with disabilities are sometimes limited in their physical abilities. Because of this, they can find themselves at risk of a sedentary lifestyle. Low levels of physical activity can result in health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure. 

Having an easily accessible pool allows these individuals to improve their coordination without putting strain on their joints. For MS patients specifically, the water draws heat away from the body, keeping it from overheating – which often causes MS symptoms to temporarily worsen. Swimming also has the ability to help those with brain and spinal cord injuries, increasing flexibility and circulation while relieving muscle spasms. 


2. Provides physical therapy.

Unlike jogging or lifting weights, swimming offers an opportunity for cardio without causing strain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared that aquatic exercise provides a safe, low-impact way to stay fit. This is particularly helpful for demographics such as pregnant women, the elderly and those suffering from chronic illness. Some of the many benefits include increased muscle strength, flexibility, improved cardio and the body’s use of oxygen.


3. Encourages you to sleep better.

Not only does swimming provide physical benefits but a pool workout can also be a great stress reliever. Exercise stimulates the brain to release endorphins. This, in turn, can create a calming effect – resulting in relaxation while eliminating pain associated with strenuous exercise. Whether you or your kids have difficulties sleeping, a pool can encourage a healthy form of fatigue, allowing you to fall asleep faster. 


4. Provides meditation for mental health.

For those with stress or anxiety disorders, swimming is a great alternative for meditation. The relaxing environment can have a positive impact on mental health. Additionally, creating a setting of soothing greenery and peaceful surroundings can help to lower blood pressure. 


5. Affords a higher level of control over sanitation.

Because the pool is located right there in your backyard, you have more control over how clean it is. It’s unsettling thinking of the traffic city pools receive. Pool ownership allows you to choose your maintenance and sanitation products – which can be especially helpful if you or someone in your family has skin sensitivity. Alongside that, residential swimming pools decrease the risk of athlete’s foot and E. coli.


6. Increases the value of your home.

A pool is first and foremost an investment. Not just for your family but for your home as well. Installing a pool in the backyard has shown to increase home value five to 10 percent. So, if the time comes and you’re considering putting it on the market, you’ll be able to add some green to your wallet. A pool is also a great opportunity to really build up your outdoor space. Pairing it with lighting and lush greenery is a sure way to attract potential buyers. 


7. Strengthens outdoor safety.

Rather than rounding up the kiddos at a public pool or water park, allow them to run free (under your watchful eye) in the backyard. Grab some pool toys and let them have the time of their life. They can swim and socialize while you catch up on your reading poolside. This is also a great benefit if you have little ones who are just learning to swim. Accidents are more prone to happen in public settings versus one-on-one time.


8. Decreases the need for lawn maintenance.

Not only does a pool add to your happiness and home value, but can take the load off landscaping maintenance. When you think about it, a pool takes up quite a bit of space in the backyard. Rather than having to cover the entire yard in greenery, you can stick to lawn maintenance and some flower beds here and there. This means less time watering and more playing with family and friends!


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