4 reasons why you should use FireFly Lighting on your deck

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If you enjoy swimming all summer, a few decorations can turn your backyard pool into a daily retreat. Create a relaxing ambiance and fun atmosphere with Firefly Lanterns, because they are versatile and handy to keep around your pool, in your home or even out on a camping trip. Here is why these lanterns should be your first choice.  

Convenient sizes

These lanterns are flexible LED lanterns you can use anywhere. They come in two different sizes. A 5-inch high bulb shape, and it comes in green and white colors. A 6 and ¾ inch cylinder shape, and it comes in blue or white colors. The material allows you to collapse the lantern and store it in small places like a glove box.

Solar powered (and other charging options)

A solar panel on top of the lantern allows the lights to charge naturally during the day. The lanterns also have photosensitivity, which means you can set the lantern to turn on automatically in the evening and turn off during the day. In low light environments, the lamp can charge using a USB cord that attaches to the top of the lantern and plugs directly into your computer or wall adapter in your house.

A battery-powered option is great for those who need a light on demand. These lanterns use three AAA batteries. The battery-operated lanterns, the low setting gives 50 lumens for up to 20 hours on a set of batteries, and the high setting gives 100 lumens for up to 10 hours. They also have a flashing setting.

A variety of lighting settings

Using LED lights that are built into the lid, the lantern offers four different lighting settings to give it flexibility. You can choose to have a low light glow or bright and powerful with a wide range so you can really see your surroundings.

The low setting gives 25 lumens for up to 8 hours per charge, the medium setting gives 50 lumens for up to 4 hours, and the high setting gives 100 lumens for up to 2 hours. So you can light up the backyard or use one in a tent.Another setting on the lantern allows the lights to blink on and off, mimicking a firefly. Use several lanterns in a flower garden or around a pool deck to get that warm summer night look.

Waterproof, light and durable

If you need a light on your pool deck, it is best they be waterproof. In fact, you can use the BPA-free lantern as a water bottle if needed. The Firefly is durable because the outer bulb is made of flexible silicone, which cannot crack or shatter. The top is made of impact-resistant plastic, so need to worry about dropping or hitting the lantern. Finally, these lanterns are only 7 oz, so you can pack them without worrying about weighing down your bag.

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