3 tips to attack green algae growth in your pool this summer

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Algae blooms in your pool can occur even with the most diligent care. Green algae is by far the most common culprit because it grows as the result of inadequate sanitation. If you find yourself fighting the dreaded green water from a fresh algae bloom, you are not alone in your pool problems. Almost every pool owner deals with algae at one time or another. Here are three strategies to attack the algae and rid your pool of this nuisance.

First Attack: Shock the algae

Green algae begins as hazy light-green water or floating particles. If you fail to address the problem early, the algae will grow fast, coating the liner and causing the water to turn a dark green. An early attack with strong chlorine might be all you need to stop the growth in its tracks and return your pool back to a heat-beating oasis.

Depending on the darkness of the water, utilize a double, triple or quadruple shock strategy. You should apply shock to your pool in one pound, two pounds or three pounds quantities for every 10,000 gallons depending on the severity of the bloom. So, a 20,000 gallon pool with a small algae bloom may need four pounds of shock, but a large and difficult bloom may need six to eight pounds to destroy the menace.

It is best to execute this attack during the night because sunlight reduces the effect of chlorine, plus the algae will never see it coming. Also, if you have a vinyl pool liner, it is best to begin by dissolving each one pound bag of shock in a separate bucket water before adding it to the pool to prevent bleaching the liner. If you have an automatic chlorinator, do not pour shock into the skimmer or it will produce a highly toxic combustible gas.

Instead, Pour the mixed buckets of water and shock evenly around the perimeter of the pool, and ensure you wear old clothes and take safety precautions, like wearing goggles to protect your eyes.

If you need pool shock, consider purchasing BurnOut 3 because it has the POW factor needed for algae fighting.

Second Attack: Floc the water

Flocculation is a process that causes small particles to settle at the bottom of the pool. Add the appropriate amount of water clarification chemicals to your pool based on the gallons, and allow the filter to circulate the water for two hours. During the night, turn off the pump and allow the particles to sink to the bottom of the pool. The next day vacuum the bottom of the pool carefully. If you kick up the particles, allow them to resettle before moving again to ensure that you capture all of the algae.

Following this process, you should double shock your pool to further eliminate any remaining green algae, and to prevent another bloom in the near future.

Third Attack: The best offense is a good defense

Sometimes the best way to beat algae is to prevent it from growing. Green algae likes to hide from sunlight. Brush places where water circulation is poor to dislodge the enemy and expose it to chlorine and movement. Look behind the ladder and in crevices. Check pH level twice a week. Use algaecide for preventative maintenance and regularly vacuum the liner. Also, check phosphates and use sanitizer.

Pool maintenance takes time and effort, but the result from all your work is a refuge from the hottest days of the year and a perfect place to enjoy time with friends and family.

Call for help

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