Is it safe to swim in a pool with algae growth?

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Keeping your pool crisp and clean is not only about aesthetics. Preventing an algae bloom can also protect your family and friends from health problems or dangerous falls. The good news is in lakes and rivers, where algae grow abundantly, swimmers rarely encounter problems. However, in your backyard pool, it can cause a few hazards.

Bacteria Growth

Algae growth signals that sanitation, pH levels and chlorine are not working appropriately. Bacteria introduced to the water by swimmers or even a gust of wind can begin feeding on the waste from the algae. The longer the pool goes untreated, more microorganisms can begin thriving in the environment. As it grows, it increases the risk for illnesses such as E.coli, Giardia, rashes, skin lesions, respiratory infections and swimmer's ear.

Slick Surfaces

Algae can create a layer of slime on pool lining, ladders and the concrete or wood surrounding the pool. The slick surfaces create a slipping hazard for guests. If someone falls, it could just be a scrape or a bruise, but it is also a drowning concern for children who might trip and fall into the water. Furthermore, it is harder for you to spot someone drowning if the water is dark from algae.

Combating algae can irritate skin

If there is an algae bloom in your pool, you will most likely increase chlorine and other chemicals to stop the growth and restore the pristine water.  However, increased chlorine means swimmers might have more eye irritation and respiratory problems. Be sure to read the directions on shock treatments carefully, and to keep swimmers out of the water until it is safe to re-enter, which could take between 12 and 24 hours depending on the pounds of shock added to the water and the size of the pool.

Take Action

While the risk of swimming in a pool affected by recent algae growth is low, it is unpleasant to swim in a green soupy mess. The best way to prevent algae-related health problems and hazards is to keep it from blooming.

A Tiger Shark vacuum is an efficient pool cleaner, and can serve as the first line of defense against algae growth. It utilizes an on-board smart computer that calculates the size of your pool and the best route to brush and scrub the bottom, sides and steps. It is also ready to work the moment you remove it from the box and plug it in.

At Thompson Pool & Patio we have solutions for your algae problems. Come to our Norman location to pick up chemicals or give us a call, and we can answer questions about your pool problems.