Four Pool Maintenance Items to Keep in Stock this Season

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If you’re looking to have the perfect summer, the first step is a clear, clean and well-maintained pool. Swimming season calls for more pool care than usual, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress. There are four simple items to keep on shelf this year to keep your pool looking beautiful.


This is an important step to maintaining the health of your pool. Sanitizer kills bacteria and inhibits the growth of unwanted contaminants that get into your pool through wind, rain and other natural occurrences.

The most common and effective type of sanitizer is chlorine. It must remain in your pool at all times to keep the chlorine range at an optimal level. This kills new bacteria that may enter your pool - sanitizing your pool continuously.


Another important step in keeping your pool water perfect for swimming is using oxidizers. Oxidizers destroy contaminants and the ineffective chlorine that has already killed algae. Without this, your pool could have a strong odor and the water could burn your eyes while swimming.

Oxidizers, also known as shock, rejuvenate the water, clarify, and help the chlorine do its job. It’s suggested to “shock” your pool once a week, but you may need to use oxidizer more than once a week depending on your pool’s specific needs.

If possible, shock the pool on the same day and time each week and let your filter run for at least one hour after. Oxidizing at night or in the evening will allow your pool the time to normalize its levels and become ready for swimming the next day.


This is a substance used to kill and remove algae from any body of water like a pool or pond. It prevents the growth of future algae which can grow and clog your filter, cloud or color your water, and build up on the pool walls - causing them to become slippery.

Wind, rain and other elements can encourage algae growth and stick to the walls of your pool or or even free-float. Algae growth means the sanitizer levels in the pool are low. Algaecide good to have on hand along with sanitizer in case something out of the ordinary happens.

Pool Enhancer

The last pool maintenance must-have of the summer is a pool enhancer or clarifier. Enhancer uses a process called coagulation to make the cloudy particles in your pool gather together so the pool filter can more effectively remove them.

This makes cleaning your pool more effective and helps create a crystal clear oasis for your summer enjoyment. Since enhancer helps the filter do its job, it’s best to run your pool for at least 24 hours, or until clear while using it.

Thompson Pool and Patio offers these four products along with other maintenance items, pool equipment, swim toys and more. Contact us with your questions about pool maintenance at 405-364-1912, our team is always happy to help!