The 6 Best Tips for Opening Your Pool in Spring

The Best Tips for Opening Your Pool in Spring

Spring is here and it's just about that time to open up your pools and bask in the nice warm sunshine. Here are some quick tips to get your pool uncovered and open for the spring festivities.

1. Check Your Products
Make sure all your supplies and products for the pool are not expired. Fresh products will keep your pool looking beautiful and clean so you'll want to ensure your products are still good to use.

2. Properly Uncover
Uncovering the pool can be really exciting and you’ll want to just jump in. But, make sure you take care of your pool cover. Put your hose under the cover and fill the pool to help raise the cover.Clean off all of the debris and wipe it off with a safe cleaner. Let it dry before folding it up and putting it away, this will prevent any mold or mildew from building up and you'll be able to use it again.

3. Reconnect Your Equipment
Start getting things reconnected! Reconnecting your filter, pump and heater. If you have any other added plumbing equipment, get those reconnected as well. Every pool can be a little different so make sure to double-check that you have everything connected and ready to go in order to get your pool started.

4. Unplug
Remove any of the plugs from skimmers and wall returns. Also, be sure to check for any cracking and dry rotting. Any plugs that are still in good use can be saved for next fall when you cover up again.

5. Turn it On
You can now turn your pool on! Make sure that water levels are staying within range and not rising too quickly. Take a look around for any leaks around your pumps and filters. This can be a common issue while the pool is not being used -- replace them as needed.

6. Clean Up
It's time to clean up the pool and get rid of any debris that was sitting there during winter. The best clean-up process is skimming the pool first and then vacuuming, followed by brushing if needed. If you notice a lot of algae buildup, brushing will definitely resolve that issue. Add a dose of a good shock treatment and algaecide.  Allow the pump to run for 48 hours then bring in a water sample to be tested and balanced.

Share your thoughts and tips with us in the comments below. If you’re currently in the market, stop by the store this week and we’d be happy to show you around! And don’t forget to call if you have any issues or questions.