3 Keys to Protect Your Equipment

With the winter elements in full blast, now is the time (if it wasn’t already) to protect your pool equipment. Simply turning off the switch and covering your pool isn’t enough. Freezing temperatures, snowfall, and ice have the ability to damage your equipment if you’re not careful.

Rather than lugging your entire pool setup indoors, here are 3 keys to protect your equipment all season long for running or winterized pools. 


For Running Pools:

1. Check your skimmer and pump baskets daily to ensure proper water flow. With stagnant water, you run the risk of freeze damage to your equipment.

2. Keep your pool circulating during freezing temperatures. We cannot stress this enough. If your pipes and equipment freeze, they’ll break and leak during the thawing process.

3. If you have a concrete pool or spa, scale inhibitor is your best friend. It prevents scale and discoloration during the winter months.


For Winterized Pools:

1. To protect your electrical box, shut off the breakers to your pump and turn the time clock off. Next, remove any trippers to prevent any mishaps. Lastly, close the box tightly and wrap the top with a plastic grocery bag.

2. With a pool filter, you’ll want to remove any pressure gauges. Store them with your drain plugs and cover your equipment with an old wool blanket or small tarp.

3. Now, it’s time to protect your skimmer. Lower the water level below the skimmer and remove the basket. You can use a device like a skimmer guard to absorb the expansion of ice during winter. Next, place a plastic sheet under the lid to keep the lid secure from any precipitation.

What are some of the things you do to protect your pool and equipment in winter? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear them!