How to Spot a Swimming Pool Leak

How to Spot a Swimming Pool Leak

A pool leak often occurs when you least expect it. The difficult part isn’t fixing one but identifying where it’s coming from. Before searching your pool’s interior, check your pump, filter, and chlorinator for any cracks. And, if you own an inground pool, a flooding backyard could indicate a cracked pipe underground. If that’s the case, though, always bring in a professional. 

But, if you’re dealing with a simple everyday leak, an ink test is a quick way to spot the leaky culprit. Keep reading and gather your materials, it’s time to get fixing!

First, you’ll need a handful of things – a pair of goggles, a snorkel, food coloring or leak finder ink. Next, let the pool drain. When it stops draining, you’ll know you’ve hit a wall leak.

To determine the area of the leak, check the surrounding ground and walls around the pool to inspect for dampness. The goal here is to narrow down the site of the leak as much as possible before bringing in the food dye. 

Once you’ve identified the leak, slowly wade over to the area and drop some color dye near the wall. If the dye moves towards the source, you’ve hit the target. If it moves downward, it may be present in the bottom of your pool.

Identifying a leak is the trickiest part. And now that you’ve uncovered it, fixing it is smooth sailing from here. We stock various repair parts and are available for service calls. In the case of an emergency (like a power outage), be sure to remove all drain plugs from the pump and filter. 

If you have any questions about pool repairs, feel free to give us a call at (405) 364-1912. Our team is experienced in these kinds of cases and always prepared to lend a helping hand!