How to Repair Your Winter Pool Cover

How to repair your pool cover

Have you checked your winter pool cover lately? Luckily, we haven’t received too harsh of weather but that doesn’t stop the elements from taking a toll on your pool cover. If you’ve noticed some wear and tear, you’re probably wondering whether you should repair or replace. 

If you’re dealing with minor damage, there’s no need to throw in the towel early. A simple patch kit will do wonders. Not to mention, it’s a quick fix that won’t break the bank. We carry repair kits for solid and mesh pool covers here at Thompson Pool and Patio. They remedy a variety of holes, rips and tears with ease. Keep reading to learn how you can use these patch kits to repair your winter pool cover!


Vinyl Pool Covers

Over time, vinyl is subjected to massive amounts of sun exposure and drastic temperature changes. Because of this, a vinyl cover may develop small tears as the season progresses. A patch kit is a quick fix for this repair. Just remove the cover from the pool, wipe down any excess water, take the adhesive patch and rest it over the torn area.


Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh pools often run a higher risk of damage over time. In contrast to vinyl, you’ll sew the mesh patch over the torn area. You’ll need a sturdy needle and outdoor nylon thread. Keep in mind, this is for smaller holes. If you’ve experienced a larger tear, you’ll need to purchase a patch kit.


Net Pool Covers

Net covers are a little tricky. You’ll repair it with a needle and thread, but unlike mesh, you’ll need to re-tie the torn netting or tie a newer section. If you have a more notable repair on your hands, give our team a call at (405) 364-1912 and we’ll help you troubleshoot a solution that’s right for you.


Solid Pool Covers

Solid covers that float on water have the ability to contaminate the pool if left unattended to. Water will flood onto the cover, making removal (and keeping your pool clean) near impossible. As soon as you spot a rip, use rubber cement to hold together the material. Proceed using a patch repair kit as the glue is better suited for water resistance and weather conditions. 


It’s better to be safe than sorry. And when you find yourself with a hole in your pool cover, you know who to call. We have a variety of patch kits to choose from that will help your pool make it through winter. Not only will you extend the life of your cover, but you’ll prevent contamination to your pool by the time spring rolls around!