3 Strategies to Protect Your Pool Cover

Your cover protects your swimming pool from the winter elements. But, who’s protecting your pool cover? Whether you use a hard or mesh cover, it protects you from constantly skimming and vacuuming your pool all season long. And let us tell you, it’s no fun scooping out debris when it’s below freezing.

In order to protect your pool cover, you’ll need to identify the three major elements that threaten it. These are most often ice, wind and precipitation runoff. To prevent them from damaging your cover, our Thompson Pool & Patio team recommends these three strategies.


1. Protecting Against Ice

Submersible Pump.jpg

The one thing you want to avoid in winter, is your pool turning into a meteor-sized block of ice. To prevent your cover from submerging, we recommend a submersible pump to keep the water off. If ice has already struck, let it melt first before removing with a winter cover pump. When you break frozen ice, it can develop sharp edges that have the ability to puncture your pool cover. 


2. Protecting Against Wind

Heavy Duty Dip Nets

Using heavy duty dip nets helps to keep debris and water from damaging your pool cover. The periodic removal of debris can add a few years to the life of a solid cover, keeping it strong and wind-resistant. 


3. Protecting Against Precipitation Runoff

Snow happens. And when it occurs, an air pillow is a wonderful thing to have on hand. It keeps the cover separated from the pool, allowing precipitation to run off. Additionally, it helps with ice expansion by blocking the water from freezing one side to the other.


We hope these three strategies help protect your swimming pool (and your cover) all winter long. If you have any questions about winterizing your pool or preparing it when spring arrives, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is always here to help you troubleshoot! (405) 364-1912