Pallet Patio Furniture in Just 5 Steps

Nothing feels better than being able to reuse old materials and turn them into something great and useful. Lately, people across the globe have been raving about using old wooden pallets for decor, furniture, and even gardening. We've done our research and have come up with the easiest, safest, and most reliable way to create outdoor furniture. The steps are simple and for the most part, fun. You can even gather a few friends and have all hands on deck.


You'll want to ensure you have all the materials needed. This will include:

1. Pallets

You'll want to have two pallets per seat at the very least. Depending on the height of each seat, you may need to increase the quantity. You can finds pallets on Craigslist, at large grocery markets, home improvement stores, or even beverage companies.

2. Drill

For those stubborn screws, you can't get in with a hammer.

3. Hammer

For the easy nails.

4. Sandpaper

You can find sandpaper at any home improvement store. To make the sanding a little less work, purchasing the most heavy-duty thickness will do.

5. Measuring Tape

Unless you want wonky patio furniture, you'll need to add this to your arsenal.

6. Paint

Paint isn't a required material, but if you choose to paint your pallets, you'll need a broom to sweep up the excess dust.

7. Nails

You'll want to use thicker nails and angle brackets for this project, primarily to ensure your pallets hold together when weight is applied.

8. Saw

If you do plan on cutting your pallets in any way, a saw, or if you happen to have a chainsaw, will both work.


Now, you're ready to begin working!

Step 1: Establish your dimensions.

Measure your desired length, width, and height. With your measuring tape, measure how large you'd prefer your pallets to be. Keep in mind, if you would like to have additional seating, you'll require more pallets. This is a great time to also measure out the space you're placing your patio furniture.

Step 2: Cut and place.

After measuring, you'll know how much you'll need to cut off each pallet for A.) the seat or B.) the back of the seat. For the seated portion of the furniture, measure how tall from the ground you'd like to sit. This may require you sawing your pallet in two halves. From there, stack however many pieces of pallets are required for the established height. As for the back of your seating, pull off the back portion of the original pallet. This may be easier with a hammer if you have a difficult time removing the nails. If you're planning on building a single-seated chair, you'll need an extra piece of wood to keep the back upright by itself. However, if's quite easy to solely use the leftover pallet pieces to lean up against a wall of some sort to support the back of your seating. 

Step 3: Sand it down.

After placing your pallet patio furniture where you'll be using it, you can now begin sanding the sides that will be in direct contact with anyone who may sit on it. After sanding, be sure to sweep up any leftover dust. This step is also helpful for prepping for paint, also protecting you from splinters. 

Step 4: Nail it together.

In each of the sides of your patio furniture, where one piece of a pallet needs to be connected to the adjacent or perpendicular pallets, you'll need to attach with angle brackets. In the remaining sections of your furniture where you'll need to add nails, such as the arms of the seat, add two nails with a hammer or drill.

Step 5: Paint it beautiful.

After your patio furniture is placed together, you're ready to paint. You can easily use your new furniture without, but if you do, you'll want to use a primer first. The primer must match the type of paint you choose to use, but also for outdoor furniture. It's best to use one that's water resistant to withstand the Oklahoma elements. This will keep your patio furniture looking brand new, even after those pesky rainstorms. You also have the option to purchase a top coat that matches these needs as well! 

Step 6: Jump for joy.

Now that you've created your own pallet patio furniture, be sure to stop by Thompson Pool & Patio with your seating measurements. We have the ability to create custom-made cushions for your new setup! Give us a call at (405) 364-1912 for more details.