Blue Pool, Green World.

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Here at Thompson Pool & Patio, our mission is to take the green out of your pool and rather, implement “green” strategies. We use energy efficient lighting in our store and recycle all our cardboard. We believe it’s important to take care of the world we live in and challenge you to commit to a green habit this summer. We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways that you can show our environment some love!



Did you know that an uncovered pool can lose around 7,000 gallons a year just through evaporation? Add water to your pool in the evenings rather than during the afternoon and take advantage of a pool cover when you’re away from home for extended periods of time.


A small leak can become a big problem. If you notice your pool losing an inch of water each day, it’s a sign you need to address a leak.


Did you know that the average backwash uses 250-1,000 gallons of water? Clean your filter only when necessary. You also have the option to recycle your water by using backwash water to nourish lawns and shrubs.


So many piles of trash are thrown into landfills each year when they can be recycled. Simply by filtering out glass, plastic, and paper, you’re helping decrease pollution!

Take advantage of local

This may come as a curveball, but think about how many manufacturing, shipping, and postal trucks you see on the road on a daily basis. Summer is the perfect time of year to reduce your carbon footprint by buying local!

Reduce junk mail

Not only is it annoying, but junk mail wastes so much paper! You can register with DMAchoice, Catalog Choice, or to remove your name from consumer mailing lists.