Taking Care of Business

Spring and Summer Opening Checklist

Both the most exciting and the most stressful time of year, opening day causes quite a ruckus. If you’re a first-time pool owner, the masses of algaecides, shocking treatments, and test kits are enough to make your head swim. (See what we did, there?)

Though finding the right products is important, the key to a sparkling pool is developing a good maintenance routine. Whether you’re a seasoned owner who’s looking for some extra tips to keep the green at bay or the rookie who has no clue where to begin, rest soundly knowing Thompson Pool & Patio has your back.

If have any questions or would like some recommendations on sanitizers or balancers, give us a call at (405) 364-1912. You’ll soon be on your way to a perfect summer!


1. Duck for Cover

If you have a mesh or solid cover, be sure to drain as much water from it prior to removal. Next, remove the cover with a little help from an awesome comrade (as it will most likely take two people to accomplish). If a little bit of debris falls in, don’t panic. It’s difficult to avoid and some of our steps later will take care of this! When you’ve removed the cover, lay it out and clean with Bioguard Stow-Away. This will prevent sticking and unwanted odors. Once it has dried, fold it over and store it away for next season!


2. Get on our Level

Grab a hose and go to town! It’s time to fill the water level back up in your pool to its normal level. What you’ll be aiming for is about the middle of the skimmer opening, halfway up the tile. If you didn’t winterize your pool for freezing conditions, merrily skip to Step 4.


3. Plug it in, Plug it in.

On the other hand, if you did prepare it for a frozen tundra this winter, you’ll want to reconnect your filter, pump, heater and anything else you can get your hands on. Also, if you used winterizing plugs, make sure to replace them with their normal drain plugs! If you used a cover for your equipment, keep an eye out for possible cracks or leaks. If you used antifreeze to protect your plumbing, discharge it to waste. You’ll need to do this before moving on to unplugging the winterizing equipment.


4. It’s Time to Start Your Engines

If you’ve followed the previous steps successfully, you should be able to start turning most of your equipment back on. This step includes priming the pump and revving up your circulation and filtration systems. 


5. Staining? No Thanks, Tom Hanks.

After a long winter, copper and iron have the opportunity to build up right under your nose (or your pool cover in this case)! To treat organic stains (such as black algae and pink slime), algicides and shock should do the trick. To remove a specific tougher stain or to prevent new ones, Bioguard Pool Magnet Plus and Bioguard Sparkle-Up used in combination is perfect for zapping stains away fast!


6. It’s all About the Chemistry

After the system has run for several hours, it’s time to test the water for pH, Total Alkalinity and chlorine levels. You can do this using one of our handy dandy test kits. You’ll want to reach the ideal levels below:


7. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble…

If you didn’t quite hit gold star status on your levels, don’t you worry. The beauty of pool management is that it’s easily adjustable! Start with adjusting the Total Alkalinity and the rest will be easier to manage. 


8. Better Than a Dyson

After you’ve adjusted the pool chemistry, it’s time for a clean sweep. Thoroughly brush and vacuum your pool, focusing special attention to those tough to reach areas like the pool steps, ladders, and around other equipment. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to run circulation and filtration. Allowing it to run overnight will filter all the dirt, debris, and bacteria that’s still hanging out in your pool.


9. That’s a Shocker

Once your pool has been filtered, shocking the pool will eliminate almost all the leftover contaminants in your pool. To shock your pool, we recommend Bioguard Smart Shock or Bioguard Easy Shock & Swim. Be sure to review the instructions to determine the correct ratio of product for your pool size! 

As you probably noticed earlier, we said, “almost.” Even if you’re out there each day scrubbing your pool and have been blessed with a good circulation system, algae still has the ability to find its way into your pool. To help take care of this, we suggest Bioguard Back Up 2 or Bioguard Algae All 60. Used in combination with your weekly maintenance, it works into the cracks and crevices, preventing algae growth from returning!


10. Bacteria Need Not Apply

Our final tip for you is to stay on top of your maintenance routine. We can’t stress it enough! The chlorine and bromine found in our sanitizers are key ingredients to enjoying a sparkling pool all summer long. If you’re looking for a top performing weekly application, Bioguard Smart SilkGuard Stick and Tabs are the way to go. If you’re looking for something that’s better fit for daily use, we recommend Bioguard Power Chlor. If you’re still not sure which sanitizer is best for you, stop on by our store and we’ll find you the right products to fit your pool’s needs!


We hope that you enjoyed our pool opening checklist! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (405) 364-1912. Our experts are happy to guide you through the process, helping you make this the best summer yet!