Going Green for a Brighter World

Going green? Not referring to the state of your pool water, we’re talking about the environment. As you may have noticed, our world is changing at a rapid pace. Acknowledging this, we try to do our part to help sustain a brighter world. We recycle all of our boxes that we receive throughout the year and recycle generally whenever we can. Our hope is that small actions like these will inspire our customers and fellow businesses to do the same.

Did you know that you can go beyond recycling? There are small actions in your pool maintenance that also create an impact. We’ve gathered three ways to go green without turning your pool a disheartening shade of teal.

Pump up efficiency.

Whether it’s chemical use or heating the water in your pool, there are things that you could be overlooking that are actually costing you hundreds of dollars in energy consumption. Have you taken a look at the mechanicals lately? The age of your pump motor and the noise it’s making when running can determine a variety of issues. If the motor is running harder, it’s using more electricity. Slowly burning up the bearings, harmful gasses are released. Trust us, having a properly running pump and filter system is a must if you’re looking to save energy (and cutting costs while you’re at it). 

Filter out waste.

We all know that the filter cleans your pool, but how often do you give your pool filter a little love? A dirty filter makes your motor work extra hard due to the deteriorating and/or damaged filter elements. We advise giving it a good clean once a month. It’s a small act that takes just a couple minutes, but will help your pool stay cleaner, requiring the use of pool chemicals less often.

Conserve your water.

Think about it for a moment. Sunblock, tanning oils, sweat, and other residues may be making their way into your pool, causing your filter to work twice as hard. Each time you have to clean out your filter, the bacteria is then deposited into the ground, potentially harming the environment. This is where a good maintenance routine AND some mindful actions come into play. If you have grass your feet, rinse them off. If you just lathered on a ton of tanning oil, blot the excess with a towel before entering the pool. These small things in addition to continually keeping up with your pool’s ph make a world of difference! If you’re needing some pool products to help with this, stop by our store anytime. Our team is extremely knowledgable as to what products would be best for your pool type, size, and more.