Don’t Sweat Let ‘Em See You Sweat

As summer quickly approaches, we’re suddenly filled with thoughts of lemonade, sunblock noses, and swimming pools. Did you know that swimming serves a variety of purposes?

Not only is it super fun, but can be used as a form of exercise or physical therapy! It has great cardio benefits, incorporates resistance training, and provides easy impact. Whether you’re a newly aquatic guppy or a seasoned sailfish, here are 3 tips to help you become a better swimmer!


1. Focus on form and technique.

If you’re swimming freestyle, keep your gaze toward the bottom of the pool, pressing your chest down while keeping your head, hips and feet towards the surface. If your head and chest are too high, your lower body will drop. To avoid drag, keep your elbows high as you pull your arms back and maintain strong small kicks.

2. Concentrate on your breathing.

The most fluid swimmers practice bilateral breathing alternating on both sides. Turn your body to either side each time you breathe. This will help you build up your cardio!

3. When in doubt, roll with it.

Instead of lifting your whole head to breathe, roll your body on one side so that your chest faces the side of the pool as your arm pushes down. The key is keeping your ear in the water as you take a breath from the corner of your mouth.