Something Seems Different in Here…

The updates to our new store have got us feeling pretty great right now. With the dawn of a new year, we decided that it was time for a few changes, and that meant some upgrades to our store. As we racked our brains for the perfect alteration that would complement our company as a whole, we came to one simple answer. A fresh coat of paint.

However, instead of repainting the entire store, we decided to start off small. We switched out the orange paint on the walls behind the checkout station and exchanged it for blue. This aquatic addition improves the atmosphere of the store, as well as creating a relaxing environment for both our customers and our team (and supporting our brand, of course).

They say that the ticket to starting the year off right is to change, and every now and then, monumental changes come out of small actions, like some new paint. Be sure to make a visit to our store to check out the new and improved Thompson Pool and Patio! We’re the same old us, we just look a little different.