2 Ways to Warm Your Patio

2 Ways to Warm Your Patio

Just because the cooler weather is settling in doesn’t mean that your patio needs to close down for the winter. Fire pits and space heaters are our favorite way to stay warm, while still enjoying the crisp winter nights! 

This particular heater is our favorite to use to keep warm on the patio. This is the best option if you aren’t wanting the commitment of a fire pit, but are looking for something sleek and practical to add to your layout. They are weather durable and provide approximately 36 square feet of coverage, perfect for your backyard gatherings. This is our favorite, so come over and try it out! 

If the space heater isn’t your style, we also love our custom fire pit. Our team is able to work with you to design a gorgeous fire pit that will be the focal point of your patio. While we love the fire pit for keeping us warm, the kids enjoy it because it provides easy access to roasted marshmallows! 

As a family that loves to entertain, we always have outdoor blankets on-hand outside. We have acquired blankets over the years and have a stash of throws stored in a durable storage box next to our patio furniture. We keep them close by so that we aren’t frantically searching for blankets while we are trying to enjoy our company. 

How do you keep warm while still enjoying your patio? We would love to hear your ideas!