Can Patio Furniture Stay Outside in Winter?

While outdoor furniture pieces are crafted to withstand the winter elements, it’s best to take extra precaution when expecting harsh weather conditions.

If you choose to move your outdoor furniture into a garage or storage unit, make sure to wipe it clean prior to storing it. Moisture and dirt left on these pieces are quick to encourage mold or mildew growth during the cooler months.

Wood Furniture

Apply a protective sealant to wood furniture upon purchasing. Not only does this protect your furniture during the winter, but also from moisture damage all year long. It’s best to cover wood furniture with a plastic cover for even more protection.

Plastic Furniture

While plastic furniture isn’t sensitive to moisture, the freezing temperatures can cause the plastic to become brittle and crack when you attempt using it. Moving your plastic furniture indoors also has the ability to prevent fading.

Metal Furniture

It is best to bring metal furniture indoors (a garage or storage unit) during the winter months, especially if you’re expecting snow. The rain erodes the metal, resulting in rust and causing the material to weaken and break down. If you choose to leave your metal furniture outside, though, apply a layer of automobile wax to the surface in order to protect it from rain and snow.


When your furniture cushions aren’t in use, it’s best to store indoors or in a durable bin or box, regardless of the time of year. Cushions can mold and mildew in moist weather. The continuous freezing and thawing can also leave the fabric fibers weak. Use a tarp to cover your cushions to prevent dust from settling into the fibers.