6 Halloween Swimming Pool Decorations

It’s that special time of year. A sudden chill enters the Oklahoma air and a sea of candle-lit pumpkins begin lining the sidewalks. As excitement draws near for Halloween, homeowners are steadily transforming their front and backyards into spooky scenes of ghosts and goblins.

To get into the holiday spirit, our team at Thompson Pool and Patio has rounded up our six favorite Halloween swimming pool decorations for you to try!

1. Pool Dye

Colored swimming pool dyes are a great way to dress your pool up during Halloween. Whether you opt for a ghoulish green or an eerie red, opt for a party pool dye that’s non-toxic and won’t run the risk of staining your pool. In three to five days, you can expect the color to filter out. Perfect timing, before it’s time to close down for winter! 

2. Lighting

If you want to achieve an ultra-spooky effect, pair lanterns, lights, or candles with your newly dyed pool. LED lights can create the perfect Halloween effect, while also being light enough to float along the water’s surface. No matter what pool decorations you pair this with, the scene is guaranteed to look fantastic.

3. Jack-o-Lantern

You may be thinking, “Duh, Thompson Pool and Patio. This is a given.” Hear us out, though. Nothing says authentic quite like pumpkins. You have the option of placing traditional ones around the backyard. On the other hand, though, purchase plastic ones at your local craft store and place LED lights inside. Floating pumpkins are a really neat way to show off your pool for guests.

4. Bubbles or Dry Ice

You may be a bit leery of this one, but don’t you worry, there’s a trick to it. Bubbles and mysterious dry ice fog are fantastic features for outdoor Halloween parties. For bubbles, add some laundry soap and direct your pool return towards the surface. When the event is over, shock the pool to break up the foam and run the filter. See, it’s not so crazy after all. If you choose to use dry ice, though, take safety precautions. Make sure NO one is swimming because touching dry ice can cause burning. We recommend the latter option for adult parties.

5. Glowing Hand

If your swimming pool wasn’t looking creepy enough with the color, lighting, and fog, try your hand at creating these glowing hands. Grab some latex gloves at a store near you and place a glow stick in each of them. Next, inflate the gloves, tie off and place them along the pool’s surface. This is a really fun way to elevate the look of your backyard.

6. Spider Webs and Skeletons and Tombstone

It’s time to lurk up in the attic or do some digging in the basement. Bring out some of your favorite Halloween decorations and spice them up with the new products you’ve accumulated. Place webbing in bushes and trees and let you larger pieces take center stage. If you’re having some troubles with the webbing, start from a high point, establishing an anchor. Next, stretch it towards another object. This helps you prevent those dreaded gobs of material.

Looking for some more swimming pool decorations? If you need any help shopping for these items or closing your pool down early for the season, give us a call at (405) 364-1912. Happy Halloween!