Knowing When to Close Your Pool

As most of you know, Oklahomans have the luxury of keeping their pool open into early autumn. Although it may not be in use as often, keeping it properly maintained is just as important as in the summer months.  The steps you take now make the difference between replacing equipment in five years versus 5 weeks.

If you close your pool too soon, the winter protection chemicals won’t last through spring. They’re consumed much faster in hotter temperatures versus cooler, resulting in algae blooms and stains to your pool. Not to mention, it lengthens your spring opening and clean-up due to a severely unsanitary pool. 

In this scenario, you’ll have two options: drain out all your pool water and refill it or increase the amount of chemicals typically used to reopen a pool. Both of these options can be costly which is why Thompson Pool & Patio is here to help you avoid it. Despite the unpredictability of the Oklahoma weather, we’ve put together a procedure that you can count on in the seasons ahead.

  1. Skim the water for debris and brush your pool, loosening up settled dirt particles.
  2. Maintain all chemical levels 24 hours before adding additional products
  3. Open your winterization kit and pour the entire bottle of algaecide into the pool.
  4. Wait 15 minutes for the algaecide to distribute before sprinkling and emptying the contents of oxidizing shock into the water.
  5. Run your pool pump at least one hour after dispersing the chemicals.
  6. Drain your water under the skimmer or 2” below the pool’s return.
  7. Disconnect your plumbing hoses and drain your pump, filter, and pool heater of excess water.
  8. Cover your pool equipment.
  9. Protect your swimming pool’s skimmer (Skim-Insure)
  10. Uninstall all above ground accessories.
  11. Install your pool’s winter cover and secure.
  12. Drain excess water off pool cover throughout winter.

For more information on closing your pool for the season, visit our store and speak with one of our team members. They’ll help you pick out the best products for your specific needs and be able to help with all your pool-related questions!