How to Beat the Heat

August is Summer at its prime. The bright sunshine, clear blue sky… and especially the scorching heat. August is Oklahoma’a hottest month, making it one of the most dangerous when it comes to heat stroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion. According to a CDC report, over 3,000 died from heat stroke, sun stroke, or other heat related illnesses from 2006-2010. More recently, the massive heat wave in India has claimed over 2,000 lives within a matter of months according to a CNN article as of June 2.

Common ways to beat the heat include staying in the shade, drinking plenty of water and even going for a swim. Swimming in a pool is more than refreshing; it can help keep your body temperature cool in the midst of summer heat.     

But with the summer heat of August comes some frustration when it comes to pool maintenance as algae growth becomes more likely. To prevent the growth of algae in your pool in August so you can cool off, remember to keep your sanitation levels up. Also, keep the water moving by using your pumps and swimming in the pool as often as you can (that should be an easy one). Another way to keep your pool clean and algae free is to by treating your water with an algaecide on a weekly basis. 

With these tips, you can worry less about the algae and scorching heat, and focus more on having fun. Read this article for more pool maintenance tips.