Not Your Mother’s Lava Lamp

Have you heard of Italia Lava Heat? Well, you will. We can confirm that Italia Lava Heat is the latest and greatest form of outdoor heating this side of the Mississippi. If you’re not in the mood for a fire pit, or even if you want something just a little bit sleeker to add to your patio this winter, then Italia Lava Heat is for you. 

These pyramid-shaped towers range from table-sized to 8 feet tall. And knowing how unpredictable Oklahoma weather can be, rest assured that these heaters are safe to use in the rain, sleet and snow. Pretty impressive, huh? If that sounds good, then the 66,000 BTUs of heat that it emits are going to knock your socks off (literally, you won’t need them with this toasty patio accessory). 

This easy system will fire up with just the touch of a button. To make things even easier, the Lava Heat Italia Lava 2G© comes fully assembled, so no need to waste time fumbling around with nuts and bolts. This product can run on both propane and natural gas, so take your pick. 

Italia Lava Heat is a fantastic way to enjoy time out on the patio with friends and family, even during the cold winter months. Visit to buy your patio heater today.