Hot Tub Maintenance

The key to preserving the longevity of your hot tub is taking care of it properly, and you can do this through some pretty simple steps. First, one of the most important processes you can do is to replace the filters in your hot tub or spa. This allows the water to run through your spa smoothly. (Hint: you only have to change the filters every three years!) 

Next, you can drain and refill your hot tub. This will remove old, dirty water from your spa, in addition to old detergent and cleaners you may have used on your water in the past. 

If you have recently drained your hot tub, a simple way to clean your water is to use water sanitizer. You can find an excellent hot tub sanitizer at This site has tons of products for keeping your spa clean and ensuring longevity. One of our favorite products on is their Effortless Spa Care Kit. This three-steep package has all of the tools you need (in pre-measured packets!) to soften your water, clear the water, destroy impurities, prevent scale, prevent corrosion, and clean pipes and surfaces. 

The final step to taking care of your hot tub is to make sure it’s protected with a cover. Vinyl covers are the most common for hot tubs, however, they will require some cleaning as well. Dust and dirt will do doubt collect on your cover. However, some vinyl cleaner will easily take care of that.