It's time to get cozy.

Ready to transition your space for autumn? The Oklahoma weather hasn't gone frigid yet so there's still time to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends! You may have closed down the pool for the season, but there are five tips you can use to create a warm atmosphere for your house guests!


1. For the world traveler

Jealous of the birds flying south for the winter? Turns out, it's easier to incorporate your dream destination into your space than you previously thought. Whether it's the soft neutrals of Paris or the vibrant hues of Tuscany, it's easy to transform your space with outdoor accessories!

2. Be a little more focal

If you're space is too busy, no wonder you can't relax and enjoy the falling leaves! We encourage you to choose a focal point in your space. This can be a texture, piece of decor, a built-in, the sky's the limit! Need some ideas to work with? Consider an outdoor area rug, tall plants or a bold furniture piece. If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace, build you design around that!

3. Small place? No problem.

Square footage doesn't correlate with good design. Working with a smaller spaces allows you the opportunity to be more creative! Adding an update such as a fire pit, will allow you to break up your space's lines, creating a more natural flow for seating.

4. What a modern marvel!

Fans of contemporary design will love this section. If you're looking to simply clean up and upgrade your space, modern decor is the way to go! The easiest way to achieve this is to use black or chrome finishes in your furniture choices. You can add a bit of flair here and there, with pops of color in your outdoor textiles!

5. A secluded space

Sometimes when you're working with a larger backyard, it's difficult to get rid of that awkward negative space. We suggest adding some greenery to bring in some warmth! A quick tip: since winter is on its way, be sure to select perennials which will re-bloom in the spring. You can find a wonderful list of options here: