Time to Winterize

As we mentioned in our last blog, closing your pool too early is a thing — and not a good thing. As the season continues to transition here in Oklahoma, be sure to wait until your pool’s temperature drops below 65 degrees.

Once this happens, you have the go-ahead to begin winterizing your pool. Doing so properly makes a world of difference for when you reopen next spring. Investing in of our Bioguard Winterization Kits inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae during your pool’s hibernation period. To help you get started, we’ve gathered some of our favorite products and professional tips to help you winterize successfully!


Bioguard Remedy: Off the Wall

This product will take care of average buildup, cleaning the water line and skimmer.


Bioguard Maintain: Kleen It

This heavy-duty spray helps to remove scale, rust, dirt and debris from your pool.


Bioguard Maintain: Strip Kwik

It’s time to show your filter some love. This is a great solution to zap those greasy oils. Not only does this improve the efficiency of your filter, but extends its life!


Bioguard Off Season: Article Blue Winter Kit

Choosing the 12 of 24 option will be based upon your pool volume. If you’re unsure which, we have a talented team here to help! This winterization kit is a simple, effective way to keep your pool sparkling through the months ahead. You’ll start by adding shock to the water, next you’ll add in the algae protector. Lastly you’ll run the pump 24-48 hours prior to closing to ensure maximum effect!



We’ve shared the steps you need to take in closing your pool, but if you’re looking for some super top-secret tips for that extra wow-factor, you’ve come to the right place. Check them out below!


1. Don’t just protect your pool, protect your equipment!

Be sure to drain the water from your pump, pool heater and filter. Excess water in your pipes and motorized parts can freeze, causing them to crack. This is an expensive lesson you don’t want to be forced to learn!


2. Take care of your foliage. 

Trees, shrubs, you name it. Be sure to trim back any stray branches or wandering foliage to avoid puncturing holes in your winter cover!


3. Show your cover some love.

Keep it clean throughout the season! Hose it off regularly to get rid of those pesky leaves, twigs and other debris. This not only will prevent wear to your cover, but will help you to avoid any molding so that you can keep your cover in tact for next year! Something else to note, check that your cover is properly fitted. If it becomes lose, it can easily slip into the pool — sabotaging all the hard work you’ve done in winterizing it! You can avoid this by checking the air pillow. If it starts going flat, drop by our store and grab another one. When you return home, slip it under the cover to blow the cover to blow it back up.